Lululemon NuLu Fabric

The scoop on the new NuLu Fabric

Lululemon NuLu Fabric

Lululemon NuLu Fabric

Lululemon NuLu Fabric

Lululemon NuLu Fabric

Lululemon NuLu Fabric

Lululemon NuLu Fabric



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  1. I hate to say it, but I'm not at all impressed. I was happy with all the pants the way they were. Of course, it would be fantastic if they could go back to the quality of luon, etc that they used years ago, I'd love that, but I'm not really interested in these new fabrics to be honest. How hard is it to just go back to how it was being made before? I guess not so hard if they're wiling to put the money into it. I can't see these fabrics being much better than what they're already using, they seem to be making things as cheaply as possible (and charging as much as possible!) these days.

  2. Blech. Talk about trying too hard with this. Naked? I guess you're not in on the joke about your existing products, Lulu. Those pants already look questionable in the video and stills. If I want to feel naked, I'll be naked. I won't pay $100 to replicate the feeling.

  3. I agree with some of the other posters, I don't think anything was terribly wrong with the fabric now (with the exception of the full-on luxtreme that was too slick). I think the fabric will be different, possibly better (but possibly not), and I'm sure more expensive. I'll check it out in store when it all hits, but I think I'll be underwhelmed.

  4. I like the ad. The women they chose look strong, natural, and beautiful. Pants look nice to me too. 🙂 Can't say I'm seeing any sheerness, would love to see a screen shot of the above-mentioned tag showing through. Anyway,I would like to try them on!

    1. I don't think there was anything wrong with the women in the videos, but it isn't really about the women in the videos, it's supposed to be about pants, honestly, what do feelings have to do with pants? I realise that may sound harsh, but pants are never going to be life changing (seriously, I know sometimes we joke when we find a great pair!). I agree with anon at 3:22 PM, they are trying way too hard, it's too much. Sure, they might turn out to be really nice pants, but the way they're going about it all is too much and a bit of a turn off.

    2. I guess I'm not turned off…sure it is just a marketing campaign. But, I am willing to give it a chance. Like I said…I will decide about the pants after I try them on. I don't mind change. I mean really, they can't keep making the same old Groove Pants in the original Luon year after year. 🙂

      Lol at the poster who said 'wait 'til you see the price." Now that is true!!!

  5. I actually don't want to feel naked in my pants! I just want them to feel comfortable and know that the quality is good and that the seams aren't going to unravel and come undone or develop a hole at the crotch, along with knowing that they won't be sheer anytime I bend over! I also like my pants to come in lots of nice colours and prints and look cute, feminine details like rushing, ruffles, etc are a nice touch once in a while, and of course, they have to make me look great as well! I think the old school Lulu ticks all these boxes, the fabrics and the designs, etc, I miss it and would love to see it back!

    1. Exactly my thought! Ummm.. I actually like to feel like I'm wearing pants! Love the woman in the video and I see not wanting to feel seams but I do want to be 100% sure I've got pants on!

  6. Well I for one am intrigued by the new fabric – I like to feel naked as in I don't want to think about my clothes when I'm in the middle of a workout. I've never loved any of the new technical fabrics, but can't wait to try these on. Also yeah, I definitely don't see any tags, it seemed like they specifically showed certain shots to prove there wasn't a sheerness issue (if you're in the right size… which is often key).

  7. wow some of you people sound like a bunch of old fuddy duddys! Anon 3.10 technology and innovation moves forwards not back! move on to this century for the love of God!

    1. I don't think there is anything wrong with trying new fabrics, but I do really love the old luon. And what I say about the quality is very true, it isn't the same, and I'm doubtful the new fabrics will be all that much better. I'm not saying I won't like them, of course I won't know until I try them, and I'm definitely not against trying new things, but I also like to stick with what I know works too. I'm not really even picking on Lulu in particular, I think most things are going downhill in quality and up in price. If you or anyone else thinks that makes me an old fuddy duddy then so be it 🙂 btw – change can be a good thing, when it works out (when applying this to Lulu, it seems that they mess things up more often than not, at least in my experience, but maybe not everyone's). Also, just because we're moving forward in years and we have all this technology, doesn't mean that things are any better these days… maybe that's something to think about… It's something I find myself thinking about every once in awhile actually.

    2. I look forward to trying these on and deciding for myself wether or not it's an improvement but I've been around a LONG time and this isn't the first hyped up 'new luon' that promises to be life changing so I can't help but be cynical. At the end of the day a good product speaks for itself. They are all just different versions (knits, treatments, ratios of nylon or polyester to lycra) Supplex. Luon is a proprietary name but the material itself is not exclusive to lululemon. Perhaps the big deal here is that they've trademarked a new material but I'm pretty certain it's supplex reblended.

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