Exclusive Sneak Peek: Featherlight Limited-Edtion Collection For Black Friday

Behold! The lululemon Black Friday special edition capsule being debut on November 25th is the Featherlight Limited Edition Janaina Milheiro Collaboration! Paris based textile designer Janaina Milheiro has worked with Chanel and Valentino in creating textures and patterns. I am very interested in collaborations like these with luxury brands and have recently been very interested in the Nike/Olivier Rousteing (of Balmain) collaboration. I will definitely be picking something up from this collection. Some of this collection will be made of NULUX. 

What do you think? 


  1. I'm not interested in anything here. Not loving the prints from what I can tell and don't like high rise or luxtreme (which I'm guessing they will most likely be… or nulux, as you mentioned, which I dislike even more).

    1. I don't like high rise either. I tried the Nulix and it was so plasticky and gross feeling to me. So I'm out on anything in that fabric for sure

    2. anon 2:47 here again. Luxtreme is fine for running crops and pants, but a definite no for me for yoga, which is a huge part of my life (pretty much live in yoga pants). So sad that they seem to be replacing all Luon bottoms with Luxtreme ones. Nulux is huge no, not for anything for me, will be sure to stay away from anything in that fabric as well.

  2. The feather theme might be nice in person, but hard to imagine I'll pay for anything in black, white, and gray. I think I need to set a goal of losing 20 lbs and trying to shop at Ivivva! At least they remember what color is.

  3. This could be hit or miss for me. I complained prev. as to all the black and grey, but it's actually growing on me (the printed black and whites and greys anyhow). I like the look of the swirly ones – Nike lava esque. I will have 2 other black and white shaded pants by the time this comes around so I'll probably pass. Interesting that they collab'd – I am liking the prints lately and how they have a custom-ish feel (dottie tribes, shibori) – like they actually put an effort in to drawing the designs as per the video that was released. It makes them more special to me.

  4. I kind of like the first ones and I'm not usually into ombre. I'd be interested to see them in person. "Iridescent" always catches my interest. I like glitter and sparkle, lol! I'm wondering if there will be any kind of shine to these or if that's just the name of the print/color. The rest of it, I'm not too interested in.

    The best Black Friday collection, in my opinion, was the one with all the ruffles added to pants, tops and jackets. I think everything offered was in black. I have several pieces from that collection. I've been kicking myself for not getting the define that was offered.

  5. Is iridescent reflective? I do like the nulux although not terribly flattering on me. I like the dazzle print but nothing really jumps out at me and don't really care about designers.

    1. I'm not into designers either so that kind of thing means nothing to me. not something I care about at all. I miss the old lulu and really would just love to see more like that.

  6. I don't care what they do, as long as its original, which this does not seem to be. Lululemon has become so predictable — pick up a paper and read about runway trends for the season, and lo and behold, Lululemon is haplessly following. Ugh, so boring.

  7. The Ombre WU look very pretty except I'm starting to dislike the high rise waistbands in luxtreme as the seem to come up tooooo high on me squishing out some back fat half way up my back 🙁 If the rise on those was just an inch shorter i would be buying way more. Maybe the featherweight below it… looks interesting with a bit of a lower rise. And if they are nulux, the seam on the waistband won't be annoying!

  8. The first ombre has potential…would be nice if they had a hint of colour mixed in….I don't care for shibori tie dye print…and if it is all grey and blacks I may only get ombre and the midnight tulle in the blue bit maybe just a bra in that. Good thing…I need to slow down…have way too many tights that I can only cycle through a colour or print twice in a season

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